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Assistant Superintendent

Position Summary:

Assist the Project Superintendent in the supervision and management of the project site which will include supervision of company employees, supervision and management of subcontractors, and management of any other aspect of the job.


High School Diploma or GED required.  Must also have completed 25 to 30 hours of continuing coursework in the construction industry.


Must have proven management insight to maximize employee productivity and performance.  Has complete understanding of company and industry practices, processes, and standards. 


  • Schedules, coordinates, and supervises employees and subcontractors and construction equipment on assigned project(s).
  • Initiates work schedules for maximum productivity of work.
  • Reviews drawings and specifications routinely.
  • Ensures subcontractors and suppliers are complying to specifications and codes.
  • Documents changes made by the architect/owner and then informs administration.
  • Schedules inspections.

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