Construction Delivery Methods

Denark has a broad and extensive portfolio of successful projects using all different types of delivery methods:

General Contracting

Denark has been very successful with traditional hard bid projects throughout the years. With this method, we bid work based on complete construction documents and choose subcontractors based on price and ability to perform. Our subcontractor relationships are critical to our success, therefore our Estimating Team spends a lot of time early in the process to clarify specifications to get precise quotes. Additionally, our strong financial position and robust process allows us to pay contractors promptly.

Construction Management At-Risk

Construction Management At-Risk is a cost-effective and time-conscious alternative to the traditional Design-Bid-Build process. Denark is proud to have put its integrity and reputation on the line for several high profile projects over the years and over two-thirdsĀ of our business is performed as a CM At-Risk. The process allows the client of a project to choose the CM before the design stage is complete. We are chosen based on qualifications, and then the entire operation is centralized under a single contract. We work together closely with the architect in order to develop and test the design. Then, we give the client a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), and coordinate all subcontractor work.


Denark has long advocated for clients to utilize the Design-Build delivery method. In this process, the client contracts directly with one source to provide both design and construction. This is much more streamlined because it allows for a single point of contact. Pricing can be secured early in the process and items such as scheduling, estimating, quality control and value engineering are enhanced. Because of our experience and reputation, Denark has been a trusted partner on successful high profile design-build team projects.