Lincoln County Corrections Facility

Posted in Civic/Assembly

Value: $7,200,000

Year Completed: 2016

Location: 4151 Thornton Taylor Parkway, Fayetteville, Tennessee

Area: 35,000 SF (New)  15,000 SF (Renovation)

Owner: Lincoln County

Architect: Cope Architecture, Inc.

Delivery System: General Contractor / Lump Sum

Point of Pride…

“The Lincoln Co. Jail recently underwent a 7.2 million dollar addition to add 155 beds. Denark Construction was the contractor chosen to do this addition. It is my pleasure to recommend them to anyone who is interested in any type addition, new build, or renovation. At the end of this project, the time, effort, and thought they had put into their work was obvious with the quality of work and the quality of the finished product we received.”

~ Sheriff Murray O. Blackwelder, Lincoln County, TN